The Boom Bus is legendary vehicle featured in Smashy Road: Wanted

Design Edit

The Boom Bus is based on one of the buses in London, UK. It is a double-deckered bus with the front of the second floor extending out a bit ahead of the first floor, similar to the buses in London.

Performance & Ability Edit

According to the description, the Boom Bus gives the player a second chance when being useless against enemies. When the player is surrounded by enemies and cannot move, the top floor will detach, spin around and explode into decorative red blocks, flinging all nearby enemies into the air and away from the player. This will leave the player with only one floor of the double deckered bus, where the gameplay goes on as per normal. The Rocket Launcher is also another vehicle with double lives, arguably one of the best vehicles in the game due to its ability to give the player one more chance should the player get surrounded by enemies. This ability will not trigger if the player is flipped over, falls into a water or is destroyed.

The Boom Bus has a rather fast top speed and high durability. The handling is above average but not quite the best, since it has a long wheelbase.

Trivia Edit

  • The description of the car says ''Double Lives''.
  • The Boom Bus was first introduced in the first update of the game.
  • The Boom Bus, along with the Rocket Launcher, are the two vehicles that give the player a second chance.
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