Smashy Road Wikia

The money system in the game features green rectangles with a black, block capital S in the middle. Money is spawned on the road divider that seperates the two lanes and at the center of a junction. When the player collects cash, which is the same as the icon, but in the isometric 3D, and bobs up and down, 1 unit is added to their balance. If they are using the Money Van,The Flipper or The Beast, 5 units will be added. At the end of each turn, the player is given the chance to watch an advertisement in exchange for 20 credits. The advert will last approximately 15 seconds, but some adverts may last up to 30. Every 5 hours, a free gift can be opened. This replaces the advertisement and awards the player with a random amount of credits ranging from 50-175. Once the player reaches a credit balance of 100, they have the opportunity to win a new car at the Slot machine. If they have less than 100 credits, the button will be replaced by a message that says how many credits are required to reach a balance of 100.