Smashy Road Wikia


The Dr. Drift is the most "slippery" car in the game, along with the Hovercraft. The car is based on the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG. It looks more luxurious. It has a yellow paintjob with a black hood just like the Pickup Truck, though the Pickup Truck has a lighter yellow color. The performance of the car is similar to the Hovercraft. As it's name ''Dr. Drift'' might suggest, the car will tend to keep drifting and fishtail at low speeds, moderate speeds, and even high speeds. It will mostly understeer and oversteer at the same time. It's handling is poor, top speed may be even average, and it's acceleration is below average. However, it's very sturdy, making it take a lot of direct hits before smoking.

Although it is very hard to handle, if a player masters how to steer Dr. Drift it can become one of the best cars in the game due to its amazing ability to avoid cop cars.