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Enemies (e.g police) in the Smashy Road series are constantly attempting to pursue the player. The game ends if the player's vehicle takes more damage than can be received, if the vehicle falls into water or into the ground (glitch), or if the vehicle is motionless and is near enemies. Enemies consist of police vehicles and armed force vehicles. Below are the stated enemies in higher detail.

Enemies in Smashy Road: Wanted

In this article, it will show the description of enemies in Smashy Road: Wanted.

Police Car

Police cars have black and white paint jobs like most real life American police cars. They have blue and red police light bar on the roof. They emit sirens and these sirens increase in volume as they get closer to the player. Two police cars will appear at the beginning of each game, four police cars will chase the player at 2 stars and they will put up roadblocks, the police cars will stop spawning at 5 stars, but remaining police cars will continue to give chase until they are destroyed. shimps (?)

Police cars have decent top speeds but they can be easily evaded. Police cars are very weak in terms of durability. They can be destroyed easily by running into obstacles or running into the player's vehicle (a.e. you brake checking or "skimming" (trading paint at a high speed)). The AI of the enemies are moderately smart, they may sometimes be easily brought into oil trucks and sent sky high, and run into water when the player's vehicle drives into it, they do have an advantage to dodge most obstacles.

Destroying this enemy car gives 30 points to the player.

Police Helicopter

This enemy is not possible to destroy. Appears at 2 stars where police blockades also start spawning up at 2 stars. The Police Helicopter tracks your car's location and smartens up the AIs of the other enemies, but only just a bit.


This enemy vehicle is a large black police jeep variant of the 4x4. Blue and red police lights scattered all over the exterior of the vehicle and it's based on the Hummer H2. They can sometimes drive over you if you are stuck.

SWAT Jeeps are much tougher than the police car, but it still one of the easiest cars to destroy in the game. SWAT Jeeps aren't quite fast and can be easily be evaded coupled by the wide turns they make. They will appear at 3 stars, as they will pursue and set up roadblocks.

Destroying this enemy gives 60 points.

Army Jeep

This enemy is the army variant of the 4x4 and SWAT Jeep. It has beige army paint job and spotlights on top of the window.

This enemy is harder to kill than a SWAT Jeep with a slightly better top speed. Like the SWAT Jeep, it can also make wide turns. You can find it at 5 stars, as it will pursue and set up roadblocks.

Destroying this enemy gives 100 points.

Army Helicopter

It replaces the police helicopter. Like the police helicopter, you cannot destroy it. It appears at 5 stars. This helicopter is merely decorative over the police helicopter assuming it is based on the AH-64 Apache. The Army Helicopter will not actually shoot the player, despite being armed guns and rockets.

Army Tank

The Tank is the strongest enemy in the game and is the hardest known car to destroy in the game, and is virtually indestructible. When destroyed, it is similar to the way other cars are destroyed, aside from the fact that it will not incinerate and can continue to fire its cannon until it despawns a few seconds later. This enemy shoots tank shells out of the main front gun, and shoots them towards the player. Tanks nearly have the same speed of the Jeeps. Appears at 6 stars. The Tank destroyer can kill most enemies in 1 charge. Tanks cannot be flipped by the Flipper's scooper blade. Theoretically, you can kill a tank by dumping them in water or flipping them (only at high speeds). The Tank has a woodland camouflage military paint scheme.

Enemies in Smashy Road: Arena

Enemies are changed in Smashy Road: Arena.

  • The artificial intelligence for all enemy vehicles are overall much smarter and challenging to compete with.
  • New enemies are introduced. These include the FBI level of enemies and people on foot.
  • Enemies can no longer be destroyed. Shooting them with weapons will also not kill them (but it will affect them depending on the weapon). When flipped over, enemy vehicles will eventually flip themselves over.
  • Some vehicles are changed visually.

1st Wanted Level:

  • Police car - Visually unchanged. Speed appears to be faster, however.

2nd Wanted Level:

  • Helicopter - Unchanged. It looks the same and follows (but does not affect) the player. They cannot be targeted by weapons.

3rd Wanted Level (SWAT):

  • SWAT Jeep - has the same design but with a decal that says ''SWAT'' on it . Otherwise it is unchanged

4th Wanted level (FBI):

These are the new enemies introduced in the Smashy Road Series. All vehicles are painted dark navy blue with a gold "FBI" decal visible. The FBI are quite challenging. Their FBI vehicles are quite fast (FBI Truck is a little slower than the FBI Car) and tough. Their AIs are much smarter than Police and SWAT enemies.

  • The FBI Car (removed) - Same body type as the Police Car but with the standard FBI paint job. It's ''FBI'' decal on top of the car along with a red light strobe on the side of the roof.
  • The FBI Truck - A new body type resembling Cadillac Gage Ranger. It's FBI decal.
  • FBI Helicopter - Airdrops FBI officers. They cannot be targeted by weapons. Unlike the police helicopter, they will not follow the player. Once they drop FBI officers, they leave.
  • FBI Helicopter (old) (removed) - This version of the FBI Helicopter is only slightly larger than the other one and acts like a police helicopter. There is a rope that VERY LARGE FBI Officers are lowered down on, but disappear when they hit the ground. (It would be appreciated if someone could confirm the existence of this vehicle).
  • FBI Officers - Wears navy blue jackets that says ''FBI'' (in gold) on it and navy blue hats. Shoots bullets in a short range that damage player health. Unlike other enemies, they are completely stationary and untargetable by weapons. They cannot be moved unless they are rammed. Do note that as with other enemies, they are invulnerable.

5th Wanted Level (Army):

  • Army Jeeps - Besides the improved AI, Army Jeeps are still the same.

6th Wanted Level (Army):

  • Army Helicopter (transport) - The first of the two army helicopters. It resembles a Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk in the standard army beige camouflage. Like the FBI helicopter, it acts as a transport, airdropping a squad of soldiers.
  • Soldiers - Resembles a modern soldier in beige camouflage. Acts the same as FBI officers, shooting bullets. However, one or more soldiers are armed with a (exploding) bullet machine gun that causes area-of-effect explosive damage that could potentially flip the player's car.

7th Wanted Level (Army):

  • Tank- Very different from it's Smashy Road: Wanted incarnation, having a new design and AI. Instead of actively trying to ram the player, it now follows the player slowly and shoots when they are near. It's weapon is mostly the same, now firing in an arc (instead of through buildings and obstacles like in the previous game). While it is target-able, it cannot be flipped over and most weapons have little effect on it.
  • Bomber - A plane that drops a line of bombs at the player. It flies in a straight line across the map (usually in the player's predicted driving path), despawning once out of sight. As with most airborne enemies, they cannot be targeted or affected by the player.
  • Army Helicopter (Apache) - Resembles the old Smashy Road Army helicopter. In addition to following the player, it will now target a small area on the ground and launch several missiles at it. These missiles can cause serious damage, potentially instantly killing the player. It tends to target the player's predicted driving path (especially if the player is driving in a straight line). Untargetable.

Enemies in Smashy Road Wanted 2

In Smashy Road Wanted 2, the enemies are a lot different from the original Smashy Road. Here are a few of the most prominent differences:

  • Human NPCs: Five new types of human enemies are introduced in the game. The weakest of which is the civilian, while the strongest of which is the soldier.
  • SRI class: There is a new class of enemies in SR2: the SRI. Coming in before the military at Wanted Level 5, they drive epic-tier vehicles and possess the second-hardest human NPC enemies in the game.
  • Beefed Military: The military stage (Wanted Level 7+) is generally a lot harder than previous games. A few key differences include the generation of random, highly damaging land mines on both the roads and off-road terrain, the tendency for some military jeeps to spawn with pesky and extremely deadly machine gun emplacements and the return of the bomber plane, Apache and Blackhawk helicopters from SR Arena.

Wanted Level 0:

  • Civilian: The easiest “enemy” in the game. Unlike everything else, they do not actively try to harm you. Instead, they drive around in their common-tier civilian cars (which can be hijacked) and can be seen walking on sidewalks. Flattening them will provide you with no points whatsoever, and they will always get back up, just like every other human NPC in the game. If you are close to them, they will not arrest you, or shoot you, making them a real nuisance if they are in your way. They will drive through anything in their path, including roadblocks.

Wanted Level 1:

  • Supply Helicopter: Unlike any other enemy in the game, this one will actually help you by flying overhead and dropping a supply crate that will break into a power-up. It is unobtainable and cannot be destroyed even with a military helicopter it has infinite health.
  • Police Car: The easiest ACTUAL enemy in the game. Usually not much of a disturbance for the player, these are the weakest enemy vehicles in the game, being destroyed in seconds by The Beast or Tank Destroyer. They spawn one Police Officer when the need arises for an arrest to be made. It a common-tier like all common cars. Wanted Level: 1-2
  • Police Officer: More of a nuisance than an enemy, these little guys are basically cannon fodder. Keep in mind that their pistol still does damage to both vehicles and players and they can still arrest you.
  • Police Boat: In the event that the player hijacks a boat, Police Boats will pursue the player. These are even weaker than Police Cars, but make up for it with fast speeds. Wanted Level: 1-5
  • Rocket Trooper: In the event that a player takes control of the plane, soldiers with rocket launchers will spawn on the ground. They fire small, damaging missiles at the plane, and are the only real threat to players in the sky. Wanted Level: 1-10

Wanted Level 2:

  • Police SUV: A little more durable than the Police Car, the main non-cosmetic difference from its cousin is that it doesn't not spawn any Police Officers. It looks same as The Anonymous but its not same speed at all. Wanted Level: 2
  • Police Helicopter: An indestructible aerial vehicle that has no attack, but increases the A.I of enemy units. Wanted Level: 2
  • Roadblocks: This is the first time that roadblocks appear, spawns 3 police cars and barricades. Wanted Level: 2

Wanted Level 3:

  • SWAT SUV: Unlike its predecessors in Smashy Road 1 and Smashy Road Arena, the infamous SWAT truck abandons the 4x4 design, instead looking more like a hybrid truck/van. Unlike civilian cars and police vehicles, these are labelled as rare-tier vehicles. Doesn't not spawn an SWAT Soldier. It also same as Police SUV and Anonymous but it much faster than 2 cars. Wanted Level: 3-4
  • SWAT Soldier: A little deadlier than the Police officer, these enemies are still not much of a threat to high-level players and vehicles. They fire a little faster than Police Officer and run faster, too.
  • SWAT Helicopter: Unlike the Police Helicopter, these helicopters are not permanent and do not buff the A.I. Instead, they hover close to the player and drop three SWAT Soldiers. They despawn immediately afterwards. Is black and has a white “S” on the side. Wanted Level: 3-5
  • Riot SWAT Truck: An unmarked black van. Is more durable than the SWAT Truck and spawns two SWAT Soldiers upon the event of an arrest. Rare-tier, like the SWAT SUVs. it look same as The Money Man but it has no dollar sign/symbol. Wanted Level: 3-5
  • Roadblocks: The police roadblocks are replaced with SWAT ones, with 2 SWAT SUVs and 1 Riot SWAT Truck. Wanted Level: 3-5

Wanted Level 4:

  • 1 Riot SWAT Truck joins the Law Chase.

Wanted Level 5:

  • SRI Car: A fast and very annoying epic-tier vehicle used by the SRI. It is a navy blue Cadillac-esque vehicle with golden “SRI” labels on the sides. Spawns one SRI Agent in case an arrest needs to be made. It's the fastest enemy car in the game. Wanted Level: 5-6
  • SRI Agent: The second deadliest human NPC in the game. SRI Agents are noticeably faster, being able to outrun Mystery and even certain Legendary-tier characters. They also fire a lot faster and spawn in large groups most of the time (SRI Helicopters and the copious amounts of SRI Cars in WL5 usually result in small armies of SRI Agents chasing the player).
  • SRI Helicopter: Just like the SWAT helicopter, the SRI helicopter drops 3 of its respective human enemies and despawns. It is navy blue and has the acronym “SRI” on the sides of it. Indestructible. Wanted Level: 5-6
  • SRI Boat: In the event that the player hijacks a boat in Wanted Level 5-7, SRI Boats will pursue the player’s boat. Not only are SRI Boats more durable and even faster than Police Boats, but SRI boats have machine gun emplacements that can kill a swimming player in seconds. Groups of them can destroy the player’s boat. In the machine gun seat it sees that 1 Police Officer on the seat instead of SRI Agents. Wanted Level: 5-7

Wanted Level 6:

  • SRI Truck: A more durable, yet slower version of the SRI car that spawns two SRI agents. Navy blue, with the SRI acronym emblazoned on the side in gold. And just like before, it sames that Riot SWAT Truck and Money Man and also epic-tier. Wanted Level: 6-7
  • At the same time, SWAT retires with the replacement of SRI.
  • Roadblocks: SWAT roadblocks are replaced with SRI ones, with 2 SRI Cars and 1 SRI Truck. Wanted Level: 6-7

Wanted Level 7:

  • Landmine: The only trap in the game other than fuel trucks, these hard-to-avoid obstacles explode when any vehicle, be it the player’s vehicle, a police vehicle or a civilian vehicle, drives over one. Human NPCs and players on foot can also trigger them. The explosion deals heavy damage, sometimes reducing full health lower-tier cars to half health in an instant. They are also notorious for flipping vehicles over, forcing the player to abandon their vehicle to avoid arrest. Deep green, but with a red button. the button flashes red. Wanted Level: 7-9
  • Army Jeep: A legendary-tier vehicle which is the fastest and second-most durable in the game. They do not spawn soldiers (more about them later), but some jeeps come affixed with pesky machine guns that can kill players in seconds. The aforementioned machine guns can also destroy even legendary-tier vehicles, as the vehicles that they are positioned on usually travel in groups. Army green, but with no camo patterns. Wanted Level: 7-10. Machine Gun Jeep: 7-9
  • Transport Helicopter: An untargetable and indestructible flying enemy that drops three Army Soldiers when in close proximity to the player. Army green, but with no camo patterns. Wanted Level: 7-9
  • Army Soldier: The deadliest enemy NPC in the game, Soldiers can outrun all but a few characters, whittle down lives like paper, and spawn in massive groups. Coupled with the lethal support that they have, Army Soldiers are not to be trifled with. Wears body armor and a military helmet.
  • Army Boat: The strongest boat in Smashy Road 2. It is similar to the SRI Boat in both armament and size, but is a lot more durable and a little faster. Drab green, with grey mechanics. Wanted Level: 7-10

Wanted Level 8:

  • Tank: Without a doubt, this is the strongest vehicle in terms of raw unstoppability. Impossible to be flipped and nigh-indestructible, tanks also boast a cannon that can flip/destroy even legendary-tier vehicles. Luckily, it is slow, so outrunning it should not be that big of a deal. Like the original SR, tanks retain their straight, long cannon, scrapping the mortar-like one of Smashy Road Arena. Army camo, with a grey barrel. It Also a type of mystery-tier and you get a tank while in the Mission. It appears on the garage menu when the mission is completed. Wanted Level: 8-10
  • Apache Helicopter: A flying, and a legendary-tier, indestructible enemy that appears along with the Transport Helicopter. Doesn't drop Army Soldiers, but sometimes fires a single homing missile at the player. These homing missiles are not that big of a deal to players on foot, as they only deal 1 heart of damage, but it could be the death knell of low-health/tier vehicles. It spawns in the grass,desert and black grass offroads. Wanted Level: 8-9
  • Roadblocks: SRI roadblocks are now replaced with military ones, with 2 army jeeps and 1 tank that doesn't fire. Wanted Level: 8-9

Wanted Level 9:

  • Bomber: When it comes to power, this enemy is the best. Every so often, a bomber plane will fly around, dropping a line of bombs that can easily end runs. Luckily, enemy vehicles are just as susceptible to the hellfire, so the player can use the bomber against their enemies. Wanted Level: 9

Wanted Level 10:

  • Alien Fighter: This is a flying ship that shoots plasma at your vehicle. These are very deadly to deal with on any types of aircraft, as it can be destroyed quite easily without power ups. Do note that they can't be destroyed. Wanted Level: 10
  • Alien Destroyer: This is an alien destroyer that can spawn 3-5 aliens, other than that, it can't be destroyed and can be able to destroy you. Wanted Level: 10
  • Alien: The strongest enemy in the game, it's armed with a plasma gun and can fire very quickly, this is also known to be the fastest enemy in the game.
  • Warper (citation): These will replace landmines on the road and will fling any ground vehicle in its way. These can be deadly as it could fling you into water or can destroy you will fall damage. Wanted Level: 10


  • When a player drives into the water; police cars will directly drive into the water, too.
  • The original Smashy Road tank design can be seen on the trains and parked around the Army Base map in Smashy Road: Arena.
  • Civilian NPCs will try to get out of the way of your car in SR2.
  • Sometimes in SR2, high-level vehicles like The Beast or the Alien can spawn at random, allowing new players to attain high-scores.
  • Even though drivers of military jeeps never leave their vehicles in SR2, ones that are stationed in blockades are always unmanned, allowing the player to take them.
  • It is actually possible to attain a military tank as a mystery vehicle In SR2 by doing one of the main missions. It functions normally; even the cannon works!
  • the driver of the police truck never exits.
  • Score Wanted Level Ranked in Smashy Road 2 coming soon.