The Flipper is a large, legendary bulldozer-like vehicle that can flip police cars over, hence why it's called the Flipper. It is also arguably one of the best cars in the game. The Flipper has a green paint job with a black bulldozer blade in front of the vehicle. Its caterpillar rims and body look like they resemble the Tank Destroyer, though the Tank Destroyer is bigger than the Flipper.

Performance & Ability Edit

The Flipper's ability is its front scooper blade. When cops come in contact with the blade, they will go up in the air and flip over or they may be destroyed instantly. Like the Moneyman and The Beast, its also capable of getting cash 5x faster.

The Flipper is a wide vehicle and it's hard to back up from tight spaces. The car's top speed is only slightly slower than the Beast, but acceleration is among the quickest in the game. Like the Beast, the vehicle seems like it doesn't drift and it can make very quick turns. The Flipper is highly vulnerable of flipping over cars as well and many glitches may occur to the vehicle (only if the battery saver is turned on). For example, if the player smacks into an oil truck, it will fly high in the sky, then literally slam through the ground and get wasted instantaneously.

1.3.2 update nerfed this car's acceleration and top speed significantly. It can no longer outrun tanks, which means it's very easy to shoot and flip it over. So it's much worse now.

Trivia Edit

  • The description of the car says ''TOINKKK''.
  • The Flipper was introduced in second update of the game.
  • The Flipper is one of the cars that glitches can occur to.
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