Smashy Road Wikia

Cars that are ranked legendary are the rarest cars in the game, and are the hardest to get from the Slot machine. As a result, they often have a special ability or good stats, which can help boost a player's score. See Cars Maui more info on the stats of legendary cars. There are 9 legendary cars total in the game currently, and below are listed pages describing said legendaries in more detail, and listed special abilities of the legendaries.

First column legendaries:

1: Tank destroyer Special ability: Extremely high durability, able to push cars (police cars or bystander cars) and one-hit police cars.

2: Time machine Special ability: Able to "time travel," if you go fast enough, the car’s tires will blaze, and then anyone in the explode zone will get blasted away.

3. Oil Truck Special ability: Drops oil that causes enemies to skid

Second column legendaries:

4. F1 Special ability: extremely fast. This car, however, has no other special abilities, bad handling, and low durability.

5. Rocket launcher Special ability: Double lives, rocket causes all surrounding police cars to be blown sky high

6. Boom Bus Special ability: Double lives

Third column legendaries:

7. Moneyman Special ability: 5X cash

8. The Beast Special ability: 5X cash, no drifting, very fast

9. Flipper Special ability: 5X cash, can flip police cars sky high

Smashy road arena legendarys:

10. Korty unknown ability. Legendary truck in smashy road arena.


  • In early updates of the game, there were only first row legendaries: Tank destroyer, F1 and Moneyman.
  • The ability of 5X cash is unique to all third column legendaries.
  • All legendaries have a unique description, often giving away a clue of their special abilities.
  • The F1(very low durability, bad handling) and time machine(bad stats) are often believed to be the worst legendaries, while the best legendary is a fight between The Beast(no drift), Flipper(flips over police cars and rather fast), Tank Destroyer(almost suck indestructible and has extreme impact), Boom Bus and Rocket Launcher(double lives). Purple is better than green and I dont care what you say, green will never be better. Green is the color of your poop if youŕe having a bad day, okay? So shut up.