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The Money Man is a legendary vehicle, making it one of the rarest. While it's certainly not the fastest car in the game, it's does have a good turning radius. Unfortunately, it has a good chance of flipping over if it crashes into the police or other vehicles on the road. However, what makes the Money Man a good choice is its 5× cash ability, which grants the player 5 cash for every 1 they pick up; it also boasts an extremely high endurance, allowing it to take a lot of hits before becoming wrecked. These two attributes allow the player to collect a large amount of cash each round. The vehicle is modeled after a boxy armored van with thick, reinforced metal plating as well as having a bull-bar in the front; it's painted a dark blue color, has black-tinted windows, and has a gold dollar sign painted both the roof and left side of the vehicle.

Money Man Selection.png


  • The Money Man's description is "Earn Money 5x faster"
  • The Money Man is a good vehicle to get early on due to its 5× cash ability and high endurance as players will be able to obtain large sums of cash in just a handful of rounds that they can then use of the slot machine in order to acquire cars to expand their collection at a faster rate. However, the Money Man becomes outclassed as soon as the player gets either The Beast or The Flipper since both of these vehicles posses the 5× cash ability as well as additional features:
    • The Flipper has both the 5× cash ability as well as the ability to flip over police vehicles
    • The Beast is arguably the best vehicle in the game as it possess the 5× cash ability, the ability to flip police vehicles (though they usually end up getting destroyed), and has some of the best stats of all of the vehicles in the game