Money Man Selection

Money Man

Design: Edit

The Money Man is based on the Lenco Bearcat armored truck. The truck has a navy blue color with a yellow dollar sign on top.

Performance: Edit

The Money Man is a legendary vehicle which lets you gain 5x credits from a single unit of money instead of one. This ability is unique to the last third row legendaries as well, namely the Beast and the Flipper.

Top speed is very low while the handling remains average, which can be expected from its bulky mass. However, this allows the Money Man to withstand a lot of hits before it begins to smoke, due to it having the look of an armored truck. The Money Man is very easy to flip over, which is odd for a car with the appearance of an armored truck.

Money Man Overview: Edit

Speed Handling Health Class
Low Average High Legendary

Trivia: Edit

  • The description of the Money Man says ''Earn 5x Cash Faster''.
  • It was the only vehicle to earn 5x as much cash as other cars until the Beast and the Flipper came in the second update of the game.
  • It is one of the vehicles that flip over easily
  • It is one of the strongest cars in the game.
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