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Oil Truck


The Oil Truck is one of the nine legendaries in the game. The car is based on the 1966 Chevrolet C60 oil truck. It has a red paint job with a white tank on the platform at the back which says ''Oil''. The Oil Truck's top speed isn't that fast but it's still above average. The durability is quite good, with a good handling. The car's special ability is that it will drop oil every once in a while, if Enemies touch the oil droped by the Oil Truck, it will cause them to swerve and lose control for a short time. This can be useful if the player is being chased by a lot of enemies, and is especially effective for destroying police cars and the simple act of causing them to skid into an obstacle can already damage them.


  • Its description says "drops oil"
  • In SRW 2, instead of slipping cars, the Oil Truck drops oil barrels that explode if a car touches it
  • In SRW 2, this car is not a legendary vehicle. To get it you have to drive the Gas truck (a truck with a round end that holds gas) and drive it for a certain amount of time without it exploding