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The Pickup Truck is a common vehicle featured in Smashy Road: Wanted, Arena, and Wanted 2. It is the first vehicle obtained in the game.


The Pickup Truck is the first common car and features a yellow paint job with a black hood and tailgate. It is based on the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor.


Smashy Road: Wanted

The Pickup Truck's performance is decent for being the first common obtained in the game, with a fairly acceptable top speed and acceleration. It is agile when dodging obstacles along slight drift when cornering at high speeds. Its resistance is below average so avoid hitting stationed objects or enemies as it can cope only several if not a couple hits. The Pickup Truck not great for ramming enemies or traffic.

Christmas Update: Santa

The Pickup Truck changes into Santa's Sleigh when the Christmas update comes at Christmas.

The vehicle has a special ability, which Santa will throw presents up in the air. These presents will explode and can cause Enemies to flip over, though some bulky enemies may not flip over, like tanks. When in use, the game environment will precipitate snow, although snow will not be visible on the ground.

Performance is slightly different compared to the Pickup Truck. Top speed, handling, and health are quite inferior to that of the Pickup Truck but it tends to be better than some cars in its class. The Santa is considered an upgrade for the Pickup Truck in present ability, although stats are not as good if not the same.


  • The Pickup Truck is one of the first unveiled vehicles in Smashy Road Series.
  • The Santa first appeared in the Christmas Update.
  • The Santa is one of the vehicles that has a person.
  • The Santa feels more legendary-like.