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Power Tractor


The Power Tractor is an epic vehicle featured in the game. It has red paint, with giant rear wheels and small front wheels.


The Power Tractor's performance is mostly below average. The car will tend to understeer when turning, which means there is little the player can do when driving head first into a river, as the car cannot turn fast enough to avoid the river, probably due to its small front wheels.. However, it doesn't drift, which may be an upside which is normally ignored by the immense understeering. The car also has a average top speed and acceleration. However, it's very durable and can withstand a lot of hits, making it one of the most durable vehicles in the game. Though it's one of the hardest vehicles to use in the game due to its irritating handling, but is a very good car if it can be controlled properly due to its immense durability. You may have to turn very early when cornering.


  • The car was featured in the first update of the game.