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The Rocket Launcher is a legendary truck featured in the game. The car has 3 wheels on each side with a brown military camo paint job with a rocket on the back of the car.

Performance & Ability

The Rocket Launcher has a special ability. When the player is surrounded by Enemies, it will launch its single rocket at the police, giving the player another chance to continue playing.

The Rocket Launcher has a low top speed and acceleration. However, it makes up for good handling despite being a truck, though the truck will be twitchy when driving on curbs. This noticeable feature is featured on vehicles like the Red Truck. The Rocket Launcher is one of the strongest and last longing vehicles in the games.

Smashy Road 2 Wanted

on SRW 2, the vehicle can be color customized which cost 1 upgrade point per color adjust, rocket launcher truck's missile is infinite and reloads everytime it fires rockets against law enforcement chasers very effective especially at near chasing vehicles besiding within the rocket launcher, it can impact a severe damage and high ejection but ineffective against airplanes and helicopters, on it's fully upgraded variant that requires 12 legendary upgrade points of toolbox because the vehicle itself is a legendary vehicle category , their rockets one hit all chasing vehicles of law enforcements including near civillian vehicles except on military vehicle chasers such as offroad pick up truck, humvee and tank it needs to take 2 shots to destroy a pickup offroad truck, 3 for offroad humvee and 6 shots on tanks before completely destroying.


  • The description of the car says ''Whoosh Boom''.