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The Rugged is rare car featured in Smashy Road: Wanted and Arena.


The Rugged's body is very low lying. It is colored blue with a grey stripe down the middle. There are also 4 relatively large wheels which are taller than the body of the car itself, as the body is very low lying.


The tires are capable of flipping police cars (not all the time). Sadly, the Rugged cannot drive upside down, despite the tires still visibly able to spin even when the car is upside down. The vehicle has an slightly above average performance, with a fairly good top speed and acceleration. The handling is somewhat neutral, with the car drifting or swerving and sometimes can regain grip at moderate speeds. The vehicle has medium health, which can be expected from its half flimsy construction.


  • The Rugged was on of the first vehicles in the game.