Smashy Road Wikia

The score of a player is the number of points the player has accumulated. For some players, getting a very high score can be their main objective of the game. The score determines how many and what Enemies chase the player and how long the player has survived. It can also be said as a determiner of skill level. Often, cars that are good for getting a high score are the Legendary cars, as most of them have a special ability that aids in getting a higher score.

Obtaining score: The score is displayed at the top right hand corner in block numbers. Score is obtained in 4ways.

  1. 1 point is earned for roughly every second of survival.
  1. 5 points are earned for every bush the player hits. Enemy-destroyed bushes do not count.
  1. 30 points are awarded for every enemy destroyed. This is the fastest way to earn points, and the Tank destroyer, Flipper or any other large vehicles can be utilized to take advantage of this and destroy as many enemies as possible, raising the player's score very fast.
  2. A significant collision with a police car 15 for standard 25 for SEAL

What score is used to determine: Score is often used casually to determine skill level. However, the higher your score, the higher your Wanted Level becomes. This, in turn, determines what and how many enemies are chasing you, which also determine the difficulty level of the game. As the player's score goes up, the game gets progressively more difficult to play.