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Smashy Road: Wanted/Arena

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Smashy Road: Wanted is a simple game themed around a police chase of a car that you control, reasons being unknown what the player did to get chased by the police. The player is chased by Enemies, which vary in terms of strength and difficulty to avoid. The time the player survives is marked by the score, which also indicates how difficult the game is at the moment through the Wanted Level. The player loses when either the player cannot move and an enemy is in contact with the player, or the player's car breaks down. The terrain can mostly be grouped into three wide biomes: City, Grassland and Desert. However, in Arena, there are eight environments: City, Western Town, Snow Village, Candyland, Lavaland, Medieval stoopid. Arena also adds new enemies like Bombers, Transport Helicopters, and the major one, FBI.

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The player also has an option to customize the car that he/she controls. Cars can be obtained by Cash / Credits, the in-game currency. When a player has 100 cash, an option to spin the Slot machine is open, and the player has a chance to win a random car out of the 90 cars currently in the game. Cars are grouped into 4 classes of increasing difficulty to win from the slot machine: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The car's stats, which can determine how easy it is to control, which ultimately determines the score, are different for every single car. The legendary cars often have better stats than all the other cars, but this comes down to personal opinion.

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