The car is based on the late '80s to early '90s Ferrari F40. Like most Ferraris, it has a red paint job with a black/gray colored hood on top. It has low curved bonnet hood and rear spoiler like the Ferrari F40 does. The Sports Car has yellow headlights too.


The performance is very good for a common. The Sport Car is a light car which gives it a high stop speed and excellent acceleration. The handling is good as well, making corner decently without as much spinning out like some other commons like the Pro or Pinkie.

The Sport Car's low bonnet hood can help it flip enemies over and kill them easily similar to the Digger. However this comes in price in terms of durability, as it will take a few hits before it gets destroyed, especially when taking down too many SWAT Jeeps and a few Army Jeeps.


  • The Sport Car was first introduced in the first update of the game.
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