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The Stealth Drag has a black paint job with black tinted windows. It also has its engine shown in the front.


The Stealth Drag seems to have a higher top speed and quicker acceleration but won't get there faster than the Rocket or F1. The handling is poor, as it will spin out quite easy. When reversing, it will spin around quickly, this is actually capable of getting away from cops. The Stealth Drag is very weak car, as tested, the vehicle can only take 1-4 hits before smoking, making the durability slightly better than the Rocket's. The Stealth Drag's advantage is that it can slide under enemies, but try not go head-on with bulky enemies too much.

There is also a glitch involved with the Stealth Drag. If a player drives onto a race track, the Stealth Drag can drive straight through the race cars at the top due to a coding error.

Stealth Drag Overview:

Speed Health Handling Class
Highest Poor Good Epic