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The Tank Destroyer is a legendary truck featured in Smashy Road: Wanted, Smashy Road: Arena, and Smashy Road: Wanted 2.

Rarity =very rare


And the Tank Destroyer has cyan blue paint job. The car features caterpillar wheels such as an actual Tank and a Bulldozer. It features two exhaust on the top back.


The Tank Destroyer is the most durable vehicle with the highest amount of health in the whole game. Its ability is able to flip cars over, even bulky enemies like Army Jeeps and SWAT Jeeps, and can even push away police cars.

The top speed is really low due to its bulky mass. However, the truck will not flip over when it hits a fuel truck like most other cars do (it simply bounces a bit), possibly a reference to its sheer mass. The truck tends to spin out easily when hitting rocks, traffic cars, and buildings, which is probably the main weakness of the vehicle.


  • The description of the car says ''Nothing can stop this'', though a prolonged chase or falling into water will destroy it. This is likely used to emphasize the power of this vehicle.
  • The Tank Destroyer is one of the first known vehicles in the game.
  • In every game out of Smashy Road Arena, and in Smashy Road Wanted 2 when your Tank Destroyer is fully upgraded, it can destroy even a tank but it's hard and it takes a lot of health, so it will cause it that your tank destroyer will get destroyed faster.
  • It's the only vehicle in the whole whole series in wich the exhaust smokes.