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The Beast is one of the rarest, and the most powerful car in the game. The car is a legendary vehicle with a high top speed and high durability. It's top speed is almost like the F1 and almost durable like the Tank Destroyer. Like the Moneyman, it's able to get cash 5x faster. It's described as ''exceptional'' due to it having the best handling in the game (no drifting) and an excellent choice for blowing up police cars. It can make very sharp cornering too. The car's design is based as a hot rod but it has a black paintjob and fiery decals. It is arguably one of the best legendaries in the game next to the Flipper due to its superior top speed, great handling, 5x cash ability, and high durability.

The Beast Selection

The Beast

Trivia Edit

  • The Beast's description is "Gives police nightmares". A reference to it's absurd power from the combination of many powerful vehicles.
  • The Beast is a combination of the other two third row legendaries, having the ability of 5× cash from the money man and a miniature front scooper from the flipper. Real-Life hot-rods don't have those.
  • It also has great speed like the F1.