The Shifter is rare sports car featured in the game.

Design Edit

The Shifter has yellow paint job with dark greenish-blue windows. It features a rear spoiler making it have a sporty appearances. The front fascia is similar to ones on the Digger but is much wider, flatter, and plain.

Performance Edit

The Shifter's performance is rather great for a sports car with fast top speed and accelerations. Handling is remarkably good, not as much spin outs compared to some other cars. Despite being a sports car, the Shifter is a tough car as it can take many hits before smoking.

The Shifter's front end helps it capable of flipping enemies over, similar to like the Digger does. However, the Shifter does not flip enemies as well as the Digger does.

Trivia Edit

  • The Shifter was introduced in the second update of the game.