Wanted Level

The Wanted Level in Smashy Road: Wanted and Arena is an indicator of how wanted you are by law enforcement, this affects the number and type of Enemies that are chasing you. It is represented by police a number of siren icons or stars (depending on which version). The game starts at out with one star and after some time can go up to six in Smashy Road Wanted or seven in Smashy Road Arena.

Levels in Smashy Road Wanted:

1st Siren

This is the level you start with in the game. The game starts out as the vehicle goes down the road. A police car on the left side of the road will start to chase you.

2nd Siren

The player's wanted level goes up when there score reaches 30 or when you damage a police car. A helicopter will spawn and follow you, although it will not inflict damage or make arrests. Police will also start to set roadblocks.

3rd Siren

This wanted level triggers at a score of 80 or when you damage an enemy vehicle. The police cars will then be replaced with S.W.A.T vehicles. These vehicles will then be used for roadblocks.

4th Siren

This level is triggered at a score of 150 or when you damage an enemy vehicle. More S.W.A.T vehicles will be deployed.

5th Siren

This level is triggered at a score of 250 or when you damage an enemy vehicle. The police's helicopter and its S.W.A.T vehicles will be replaced with an army variant. Despite having weapons on its side the helicopter will not be able to shoot.

6th Siren

Will trigger at a score of above 400 or when you damage an enemy vehicle. The most durable vehicle in the game-tanks will begin firing explosives at the player. Note: Do not underestimate the speed of this vehicle.

Wanted Levels in Smashy road Arena

: Arena

1 Star

This is the wanted level you start with. Only 3 police cars will chase you. Police cars are pretty easy to deal with.

2 Star

Level 2 is acquired when the player reaches 50 Points. A police helicopter (Impossible to destroy) will appear at this level making the cops more accurate and showing them where to follow. At this point 4 police cars will chase you.

3 Star

Level 3 is acquired when the player gets 100 points. 2 SWAT Jeeps will spawn. The remaining police cars and the helicopter still chase you. The SWAT Jeeps are faster than the police cars and they are harder to flip over.

4 Star

At 150 points, 2 FBI trucks chase you. An FBI Helicopter will also spawn. The police cars will stop spawning but will not dissapear. FBI trucks are faster and smarter than SWAT or the police, but not as fast as Army Vehicles. The FBI helicopter will stop close to the player, drop 5 FBI officers and then leave. FBI officers shoot at the player from a short range.

5 Star

At 200 points, 2 Army Jeeps begin chasing you.

6 Star

At 300 points, the Army helicopter (transport) will arrive, sending army soldiers similar to the the FBI soldiers out of the helicopter to shoot you.

7 Star

When the player hits 400 points, 2 tanks begin to fire at you. Bombers will also appear and drop bombs in straight lines across the player and it's surrounding area. The army helicopter (apache) will arrive, targeting points on the map and shoot at them. (Near the player)

wanted 2

1 siren. 2 police cars chase you

2 siren. police trucks and cars chase along with a helicopter and police blockades spawn

3 siren. SWAT vans and trucks pursue you they lay down roadblocks and a helicopter drops SWAT members

4 siren. 1+ SWAT Van

5 siren. SRI cars join the chase

6 siren. SRI helicopters drop SRI agents And 2 Sri vans chases and pursuits you!

7 siren. army jeeps pursuits you along with landmines army jeeps with miniguns and a blackhawk helicopter dropping armed soldiers and Military boats chase you

8 siren. 1+ Humvee 1+ Humvee machine gun 1+ Tank 1+ Apache helicopter

9 siren. 1+ Bomber 4+ Tanks and more Military boats chasing you!

10 Alien head Siren changes to alien head. Alien destroyer drops aliens with laser guns ufo ships shoot lasers only tanks are left to enforce the law along with aliens

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